Thumbtags was a revolutionary concept that changed the way to shop online. How many times you wanted to buy items seen on the web but you don’t know the brand or where to find them? The answer is Thumbtags.

As UI designer I helped this start up to develop their initial concept by creating a unique user experience which is straightforward and highly engaging. The project grew quickly and reached big clients such as MTV.
I designed the first three versions of the “slide to shop the look” which was initially only for desktop and later also for mobile.

How it works

Video promo realised with Stefano Caso

Version 1: Slide to shop the look

The slide is on the left hand side of the image, on click it opens and shows 3 buyable items at the bottom, still displaying the original image.
The pagination at the bottom of each item allow the user to see different suggestions.

Slide to shop the look on desktop
Version 2: fully focused

The closed slide is replaced by a more discreet circle, on click the slide expands over the image and the item you have clicked on is shown bigger at the centre.
With the arrows on the sides you can navigate between items.

Mobile version

Same UI as version 2, by clicking the circle the slide opens un and you can scroll down to see all the items and further suggestions.
This layout allows to show also the item name (and/or code) in addition to the brand and the link to the retailers’ website.

This concept is now used in apps like 21 Buttons.

Presentation for the first big client: MTV