Visual design for the new Hippodrome online website

Our UI team created this super-modern design and we really wanted to use the most eye-catching design techniques to make this product a real example of avant-garde in online gambling websites.

We extremely believe in the power of images, for this reason we thought would be a great idea combining existing games assets in order to lead the customer to the call to action.

The design of mailer images and banners comes from the necessity of including so many information in one image where we want both the offer and the imagery to stand out and attract the players’ attention. For this we decided to use the slot main character rather than the logo, which most of the time is too colorful and bold, in fact the player will recognise the game anyway and the positioning of the elements will lead him to the offer which is framed in a dark grey panel.

This is a mock-up of the home page where the character of the slot is leading the player to the “£1000 Welcome Bonus” offer.

All Hippodrome’s brand requirements are present such as the gold, the “whip” symbol, the red but revised in a much more modern way.

Below is some imagery I designed specifically for the launch of the website.