Betway Casino –
In Game Navigation

The in game navigation is a good solution to keep the player entertained and able to switch from one game to another without going back to the lobby page.
With the chance to move to a different game or category straight away, the player tends to play more and try different slots suggested in the frame.
We decided to display “Recently played” which is the most wanted feature by players, “Recent Winners” to display our progressive jackpot games, and “More games” similar to the one selected.

To make the user journey more friendly I introduced a tooltip which explains that clicking on the “fullscreen” icon you can play in fullscreen and enjoy the game.

The tooltip suggest the player to go fullscreen

The game is now in fullscreen mode. By clicking the icon again the in game navigation will be displayed.

In “More Games” the betway casino menu is displayed so the player can navigate throughout the different categories and games, without going back to the lobby.