Adverdose is one of the biggest projects I have been working on, took care of it from the earliest stage to the final launch, from the website to the mobile app. With this project I experienced working remotely with a dev team for the first time and the outcome was awesome.


Adverdose is a London based start up that hosts video competitions for brands and allows users to vote for the best one.
For example a brand wants ideas for the next advert and wants to hear the fans voice: here’s the platform!
Register, select the contest you want to join, record/edit your video and get in the challenge!

Starting from the user experience and the first wireframes to the actual design of the APP, I came through the complex process of creating a mobile application intuitive, easy to navigate and visually attractive, energetic and functional at the same time.


• User experience and interface design
• app b2b and b2c
• mobile iOS
• Adverdose branded
• Encourage customers to join contests
• Attract brands to our platform
• Increase loyalty between brands and customers


• Understanding of the business purposes
• Define a structure: how it works
• Research on potential competitors or similar
• Create user flow
• Simplify user experience
• Wireframes design
• First mock up
• Beta version test
• Edit wireframes
• Second mock up
• Beta version test #2
• App tested and approved
• Third mock up
• UI and visual design
• Approved
• App launch


• Fresh and user friendly design
• Easy to use
• Straightforward interface
• Simple menu
• High shareability
• Funny user experience

User Persona

Brands that want
1. To reinforce the loyalty with consumers by giving them the chance to be the main characters of their own advertising campaigns.
2. Need a platform to moderate content and that promotes video contests, with the chance to engage new customers.


Customers aged between 18-35 who like enjoy life and have fun, any gender, occupation or social background, into social media, most likely into sport who want to have the chance to be the new face of their favourite brand.
Paul is a 19 years old student who likes hanging out with his friends, traveling and especially. Every day with his mates posts videos on Instagram and YouTube of their skateboard evolutions in the park down the road whishing to become famous one day. He is looking for some channel which could give him some visibility and maybe one day transform his passion into a job for himself and his crew.
It’s hard to find a sponsor in this world, the competition is so huge that you either need to be a super talent or do something epic that literally anyone is going to notice.
Why adverdose?
Paul-s dream may come true…imagine if one of his videos get chosen for his favourite drink tv advert!